Tort Reform Group Slams Florida For ‘Excessive’ Litigation

A state property insurance grading firm will be downgrading four or more insurance companies from their current exceptional rating by Friday. That’s according to Joseph Petrelli, president of Demotech Inc., which reviews and rates 46 insurers that write approximately 66% of Florida’s homeowners’ insurance premium.

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Lawsuit Reform Could Be Major Issue For DeSantis And Legislature

The Florida Legislature already has a plate full of meaty issues for the upcoming 2019 session. There’s one though that may have the biggest impact on the state’s economy — lawsuit reform. Despite two decades of Republican-control of state government, Florida’s civil legal system is decidedly weighed in favor of trial lawyers.

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Lawmakers are Taking Aim at Trial Lawyers

Last week, a House committee heard testimony from consumer advocates, academics and a lawyer for Publix, who said it’s 65 percent more expensive to settle claims in Florida than in any of the other states where the chain operates.

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