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New Supreme Court Emboldening Florida Lawmakers to Push Tort Reform — Again

By Zac Anderson, Sarasota Herald Tribune
March 6, 2019

In response, Leek said he believes in the judicial system but “I think that we have gotten out of balance.”

Leek cited a litany of statistics in arguing that excessive litigation is hurting Florida’s economy by driving up insurance premiums and other costs for businesses and average citizens. An array of business interests support Leek’s legislation, including the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the Florida Retail Federation and Associated Industries of Florida.

With a cap on personal injury claims, “you provide predictability,” Leek said. “You allow insurance carriers to have a better understanding of what their exposure is and with that they can set premiums that are reasonable.”

Full Story: https://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20190306/new-supreme-court-emboldening-florida-lawmakers-to-push-tort-reform—again

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