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Lawsuit Reform Could Be Major Issue For DeSantis And Legislature

By David Bishop, Florida News Online
December 2018

The Florida Legislature already has a plate full of meaty issues for the upcoming 2019 session. There’s one though that may have the biggest impact on the state’s economy — lawsuit reform. Despite two decades of Republican-control of state government, Florida’s civil legal system is decidedly weighed in favor of trial lawyers. A study released last week by the American Tort Reform Foundation listed Florida as the second ranked “judicial hellhole” in the country only behind California. 

How is this possible, you ask? It’s a combination of factors but first and foremost is the Florida Supreme Court. Four of the court’s 7 members are considered liberal and tend to side with the trial lawyer industry. That four-judge majority has overturned legislative-created laws that were meant to provide better balance in civil lawsuits. 

Full Story: http://www.flanewsonline.com/lawsuit-reform-could-be-major-issue-for-desantis-and-legislature/

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