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Homeowners paying the price because lawmakers won’t stand up to roofers

By Letters to the Editor January 2, 2022

To the Editor:

Recently a friend of mine told me that he had to put a new roof on his house or the insurance carrier would not re-new his policy. I knew the property, so I asked when did you have a new roof previously to which he replied about 10 years ago but he had made additions that had newer roofs (two, I believe).

Now, my wife and I have never had an insurance claim in 52 years up north and the last 10 years here. Our roof looked almost new when we bought our property in 2013 but I do not know when it was installed. I was a roofer and my estimation is that it has 30-year architectural shingles installed around 2009. So, what is causing this? Simple, the insurance companies are being scammed by roofers who get homeowners to sign an assignment of their insurance claim based on faulty assessment that the roof needs replaced due to storm damage. Normal wear and tear is not covered by insurance. I know that I am getting regular phone calls about having a new roof even though my roof is perfect. How is this allowed?

State senators and representatives are allowing the insurance carriers to force homeowners to buy a new roof because insurance companies do not want to pay a claim if your roof is more that 10 years old – no matter that it is in perfect condition or that it has 30 year shingles. Florida state lawmakers changed the law affecting sinkhole insurance to require the house must be “uninhabitable,” or insurance companies do not have to pay. The customer must buy extra coverage for sinkholes if the house is habitable, but damaged. Instead of passing a fraud law that would protect insurance companies from fraudulent roof claims they just pass the cost to the consumer and insist that you replace your roof no matter what the condition or age. Talk about scams!

I bet not one state representative or senator has ever been told to replace their roof or face non-renewal by any insurance company! Just a guess but I bet I am right. So, the criminals win again and the law abiding citizen/customer pays the bill. Why not prosecute these fraudulent roofers? Why not make the insurance companies require a roof inspection, for a fee of course, to justify the need for a new roof? There are so many more alternatives than making the customer pay for the crimes of others. Call and write to your “elected state officials,” and let them know you are tired of them failing the voters in favor of big business.

PS: don’t be surprised to see how many elected officials get political contributions from insurance companies doing business in Florida! My two cents.

Robert Nyce
Village of El Cortez

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