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Former Senator Continues Crusade For Seniors Across America – Opinion

The following is an excerpt from this South Florida Reporter article.

Nationwide, seniors face tremendous financial pressure on, well, everything. If inflation continues, seniors and their fixed incomes will be hardest hit. Consider, food prices rose 2.2% over the past year, while gas prices rose 56%. Overall, the May consumer price index rose 5%. The price of basic necessities keeps climbing. Seniors cannot afford it.  

Especially when the cost to keep the roof over our heads or drive our cars already stretch fixed incomes to the brink. Floridians dodged a bullet thanks to Governor DeSantis’s veto of an auto insurance bill that could have raised rates by 50%. Homeowners, however, did not fare as well. A January 2021 report by Risk Placement Services estimated American homeowners could see rate increases up to 15% this year. The problem is far more acute in Florida – turn on the local news to find story after story of insurance bills rising by thousands of dollars. Some rate relief is coming, but a federal judge seems likely to strike down a portion of Florida’s property insurance reform law regarding roofing solicitors, jeopardizing important protections for seniors. 

Seniors have more to worry about than unscrupulous roofing solicitors showing up at their front doors.

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