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Find Your Local Legislator

The cost of homeownership is spiraling out of control for Florida families. It’s time to act! Contact your local FL Legislature and let them know you want to end fee multipliers forcing the rise of insurance premiums crippling Florida homeowners. Find your representatives here:



After you locate your representative, copy and paste the following statement into the body of your email, replacing your own information as necessary:

“Representative/Senator _______ ,

Our homeowner’s insurance has increased by hundreds of dollars in the last calendar year. It is an outrageous increase, particularly during COVID. We understand the increase is due to lack of Florida legislative action to decrease the statute of limitations for filing claims, lack of proper roof coverage restrictions, and allowing lawyers to receive fee multipliers when suing insurance firms. It’s very difficult to retain good insurance companies in Florida as it is. Lack of change to the current system not only will reduce our insurance options, but will also continue these exorbitant annual increases. We ask that you please support legislation to rectify this so homeowner’s insurance is affordable.



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